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Workout Without Working Out -- Subliminal Health & Fitness Videos

Workout Without Working Out -- Subliminal Health & Fitness Videos See

Intuition Zone program

Master your Intuition with this definitive and comprehensive program - includes guidebook, workbook, additional reports, 4 audio MP3 meditations - a thorough 'how to' road map for developing and harnessing your intuition.

Cash in on newest fitness craze

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IlovePanicAttacks, get your life back - stop panic attacks

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The Peoples Chemist Secret Health Files

Former pharmaceutical chemist exposes Secret Health Files. Get real natural cures rather than prescription drugs, resveratrol, synthetic vitamin D, or whatever else happens to be trendy and pricey. Warning: Explicit language!

Ovecome premature jaculation

Overcome premature jaculation in 7 days. New product. 100% Guaranteed.

Revolutionary New Diet To Lose Weight - High Recurring Conversions

As Featured In Womans World - Earn 50% Recurring Commissions - Tons Of Features To Keep People Members Forever - Affiliate Contests - Shocking Rebrandable Viral Reports Available On Affiliate Page

75% commission & New monthly continuity

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Final Phase Fat Loss

Ny Personal Trainer and Fitness Model Shares Secrets to Losing the Last 10 lbs Fast. High converting 1-click upsells = more commissions for you.

Ultimate Brain Power - Beyond The Secret - Zox Training System

Unlock Your Hidden Brain Power, Discover How To Harness The Secret Law of Attraction & Go Way Beyond The Teachings Of The Secret... Sales letter converts like crazy! Send Traffic And Make Money...It Is That Simple. Start Cashing In Today!

Total Wellness Cleanse - Highest Payout on CB @ $177/sale!

Highest paying diet & weight loss program on CB...$177/sale! 75% commissions on every sale + high converting backend. 30-day natural cleanse and detox program. Get your affiliate resources here:

Premature Jaculation Centers. 100% Guaranteed. Top Paying.

La mejor tasa de conversiĆ³n. Centros para la salud masculina y 100% en espaƱol. Pruebalos hoy mismo!

No Nonsense Muscle Building &/or Your Six Pack Quest

05/24/10 Update: 50% Boost In Conversions from Video Sales Page! Top Muscle Program On Net for Past 3 Years! Earn Up To $120.34 Per Hop With New Backend Commissions. Sign Up For Money Making Newsletter

7 Day Belly Blast Diet

Million Dollar launch by former E.a.s. and Body-for-Life nutritionist Josh Bezoni. Average order is Over $150! Get in Now for insane commissions at

Quantum Mind Power.

Listen Your Way To Success Automatically! Naturally Attract Abundance! Earn $67.48/sale (new), 4% Conversion. See

Fat Loss Tko

The Fat Loss Tko punching mitt conditioning program is a downloadable program with all the benefits of the popular cardio-boxing programs but with attention paid to learning the actual science of boxing. 21 days -over 3 hours of video plus a manual.

Bull Strength Conditioning

Get crazy strength and big commissions!

Male Enhancement Coach

Well coach you to a bigger and harder penis. Our male enhancement system is 1) Unique to you - a tailored plan that guarantees your safety 2) Backed by results - Weve helped 1000s of men succeed. Learn more!

Update: 1000 Calorie Challenge Now With Video Sales Copy

11/20/10 Update: Now with tested Video Sales Copy. Strategic diet & exercise program combining 1,000 Calorie Workouts with 1,000 Calorie Diet days for rapid fat loss. With high converting 1click upsells.

Get the Best Access

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Rocking Body Raw Food - Weight Loss Diet Plan & Detox

Earn $73.50 per Sale! There is nothing quite like this on Cb. This is Not an ebook, it's a Membership website with over 100 Videos, 14 hours of content and at least 75 delicious Raw Food Recipes and many PDFs.

Back Pain... 80 % of adults have it... This is the solution!

Killer program to eliminate back pain... if you have back pain - you need to follow this program! If you know of people with back pain, promote it to them - they'll thank you for it - the Bulletproof Back System!

Weight Loss Transformation - Audio Coaching Program!!!

Pays 75% & Converts Big ::: Proven Sales Copy & Personalized Solo Blasts Written By Top Copywriter For Affs ::: Brandable/Reprintable Articles, Audios, Videos & E-books.

The Vertical Project - New Updates

Customers are now being sent to Live webinars. Conversions are through the roof! Look for more updates shortly...

Overcome Fear of Flying - High Conversions - No Opt-In Available!

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The Ultimate Reiki Package

Becoming A Powerful Reiki Master Has Never Been So Quick, Easy Or Complete. This Unique Online, Multimedia Training Package, Can Take You To The Level of Chikara-Reiki-Do Master, Usui Reiki Master And Tibetan Reiki Master In Less Than 48 Hours.

Spartan Health Regimen program

For Health/Fitness Fantatics - Amazing hard-core diet & training program targeting males wanting to get lean, strong and fit. Paying 75% commission.

75% Commission for Fitness Professional Product

Personal trainers, weightroom instructors and group fitness instructors looking to get better results with injuries, fitness plateaus and preventing injuries

Ptsd And Fast Phobia Relief Self-Help Audio Program

The eBook version of "How to Free Yourself from Trauma, Phobias & Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less!" sold thousands of copies worldwide since 2003. Finally arrives the audio MP3 version! Highest $$s paid in this category ($76.90) + unlimited sales support.

Garage Gym Empire

Learn how to run a Successful gym out of your own home or warehouse space! Each lesson will lead you through a great money making opportunity.

Lose 20lbs in 28 Days - Warp Speed Fat Loss

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Lean Hybrid Muscle Building

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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

First Million dollar fitness launch in History, still doing thousands of $$ in sales per day. You in? Avg Payout per customer after Upsells = $68. Average page conversion = 8.3%.

The Law of Attraction Mastermind

A members-only mastermind where Law of Attraction Masters mentor people eager to achieve mastery of the Law of Attraction.

Leverage off the phernomenon of the Secret & The Law of Attraction

The ultimate product to facilitate the law of attraction. Anyone interested in the Law of Attraction or The Secret Will buy this product. Awesome promo video you can use.

The Success Principle - Appeals to Everyone!

Promote The Hottest Self Help Coaching Club! Stunning Conversions, Massive Retention Rates, Easy Money For Affiliates, Appeals to Everyone, Award Winning Support to Keep Customers and More! Get Started at

Justin Blake's Manifestation Meditation | Recurring Commissions

Converts 1 in 15 hops :: Written by a top copywriter :: High Recurring commissions after 30 day trial period :: This is the website that triggered the manifestation market boom!

Black Belt Seduction

Instructs men how to pick up, attract and seduce women. Now paying 75

75% Recurring Government Grants

75% Recurring Commissions On The #1 Grant Product On CB! Federal Grants, State Grants, Foundation Grants & More! Grants are hot! Better than surveys and data entry! Affiliates Say Goodbye To One Time Commissions & Hello To Recurring Payments!

Your Marriage Savior System

Make $108.22 for Every sale! Very low refunds! The premium product in the save marriage niche. See link to affiliate resource page at the bottom of our main sales page!

Mind Power - Brain Power - Einstein Concentration - Zox Pro Training

Give Clients Free Quality Mind Power Training, While Turning Them Onto The Already Popular Zox Pro Training. Unlock Hidden Brain Power & More!... Sales Letter Converts Like Crazy! Our 2 Step Process Converts Traffic Into Buyers!

Zox Pro Training System - Ultimate Brain Power

Unlock Your Hidden Brain Power, Discover How To Harness The Secret Law of Attraction & Beyond The Teachings Of The Secret... Sales letter converts like crazy! Send Traffic And Make Money...It Is That Simple. Start Cashing In Today! Be Genius!

How to Create Your Dreams

From the Wisdom of Tikashi. An Easy step by step program designed to take you from where to are now, to Wherever you want to be. Motivational. Inspirational. Practical, Down to Earth. Powerful, Life-changing!

The Forgotten Laws

Anyone Interested In The Law Of Attraction Or The Secret Will Buy This Product. Conversions Guaranteed! Recurring Income With Avg.

Amazing Self

Amazing Self is a pioneering new monthly interactive personal development membership that has one-time payment or recurring billing options, with a number of applicable market niches and solid conversions

Money Magnet Meditations - Law of Wealth Attraction Market

97 Product - with 70% Conversion to Upsell of $144. Set of 10 High Quality Guided Visualization Audios and Bonus Reports. Upsell Includes 10 additional Subliminal Audios and More Bonus Reports.

Powerful Personalized Mortgage Acceleration System

You Can Earn $100 per Sale And 25% On The back End. Eliminate your Clients mortgage faster, saving at least $67,636 in interest without refi or spending more... Risk free. Patent Pending. High Search Volume in Google.

Power Life Success Principles Course

Discover The Most Effective Step-By-Step Personal Growth System In Existence That Obliterates The Cycle Of Failure Forever! Experience more money, more energy, better health & exhilarating relationships.

Survive an Affair (new Sale price $147 w/ 50% comm.

Has sold very successfully off Cb- New to CB . Designed by Frank Gunzburg, PhD -35 yr counselor. Product has been selling Hot since 2004 and we have over 100 testimonials on page. High conversions and happy couples. Program is a 3-phase healing plan

neuroVector Organic Brainwave Synchronizer

Finally we have the elusive remedy for your self-limiting thoughts and behaviours. Discover your infinite potential with the most advanced personal and mind development tool in existence.

The Science of Getting Rich Program

Anyone Interested In The Law Of Attraction Or The Secret Will Buy This Product. Conversions Guaranteed! Original Product by Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield & Michael Beckwith

Procrastination Blaster.

Get It Done! The Most Powerful Combination Of Mind Power Technologies And Advanced Learning Strategies The World Has Ever Seen!

GoalsOnTrack - Smart Goal Setting Software

GoalsOnTrack is a web-based tool that allows you to set goals and sub goals, manage tasks, build habits, keep goal journal, visualize your goals with vision board, etc. High conversion rate with loyal long term customers